Ancillary Products

The seamless floor industry is a success story, every year it continues to grow. As more clients become aware of the benefits and the capabilities of this type of flooring the demand for extra detailing grows apace.

Dural UK provides a comprehensive range of products for your flooring solution. We provide Stair Edgings, Movement Joints and Durabase Matting to complete your floor installation.

Tredsafe Stair EdgingsTREDSAFE Stair Edgings

Tredsafe Stair Edgings increase the safety at the critical point on stairs, while providing a neat and clean appearance. They are suitable for internal and external use.

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Movement JointsMovement Joints

A speciality of the company, our range of Coloured, Premium and Economy Movement Joints create a stylish look and a seamless finish, and are suitable for a range of flooring projects.

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Durabase MattingDURABASE Membranes

Our range of de-coupling and separation membranes offer effective protection from movement in subfloors, and prevent cracks from transmitting into the finishing material.

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